The mission of AJ’s Army is to help provide the long term financial and emotional support to the Quetta Family, as AJ focuses on his recovery from a severe spinal cord injury sustained on January 26, 2021 while playing hockey for the Bishop Feehan High School (Attleboro, MA) varsity hockey team.
AJ by @77thStudios

By Pat Smith (IG @77thStudios)

Let us introduce you to ``TURBO``

With a quick engaging smile, it is immediately evident that AJ is a charming, bright young man. Flanked by two sisters on either side, AJ is known for his quick wit and sarcastic personality that friends simply describe as being “next level”. AJ is full of energy, usually going warp speed and is always “up for anything”.

For those of us who are very close to AJ, we see the truly kind-hearted young man that all of us dream our children will turn into. He is the spark who lights the flame of friendship with anyone he meets.

Although he always comes to practice with a smile on his face and an upbeat attitude, he is a fierce competitor that you will always want on your side.

AJ’s other love is simply jumping on a boat and throwing a line in the water to fish. The one thing that rivals the passion AJ has for his sports is the love he has for his family and his friends.

It is important for AJ to know as we start this journey with him, AJ’s Army will always be on his line!

AJ Quetta

``Hockey--a sport where teammates are more than teammates. The game is more than a game. It gives us the opportunity to turn a frozen pond into memories and a road tourney into a “family” outing. Brothers. Sisters. Community. The hockey community is a family. On the ice, nothing held back! Off the ice, everyone is in!``