3rd Annual Golf Tournament

Monday, May 15th, 2023
Cape Club of Sharon & Brookmeadow Country Club
Event Info, Registration, Sponsors, and Photos

AJ's Army

AJ Update

I really don’t know how to express my gratitude but thought I would at least let you know how hard AJ works and all the opportunities he has been given to recover from his injury because of the tremendous generosity of those that participate in the golf tournament and more. I want to let  everyone know how hard AJ is working – he doesn’t stop! The therapies he is so fortunate to receive daily are helping him get stronger both physically and mentally.

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We Are AJ's Army

Various celebrities offer AJ encouragement.

AJ's Thanks

Hear from AJ

2021 Quetta Cup

This Pond Hockey Format Tournament will feature 10 players per team and no goalies. The event will host a High School division for Boys and Girls and an adult division for players 18+.

Pray For AJ

We all understand the power of prayer, whether a few minutes or an hour, it can be life changing. Click on the sign up button and help #AJsArmy with this perpetual prayer for healing!

“There is a kind of mindset, a hockey mentality, that is an intrinsic part of the game……a kind of toughness….willingness to always have your teammates back while having the willingness to look your opponent in the eye after a hard fought game…”

– Deacon Joe McGinley
It’s our turn to show our toughness, show our willingness to pray, and show AJ that we have his back.

“This is who we are, this is what we do……a hockey mentality.”

We are AJ’s Army!